OUR MISSION
                 GOING AFTER THE LOST         

By donating you can make a difference in the life of a child or an elderly person. Please help us today.
Our scholarship program is designed to assist children in need of financial aid.  Scholarships will be used to assist children for our school uniform project on August 2016 in Philadelphia P.A.
Our senior programs allow us to help our elders both in the U.S. and abroad wether its with food, clothing, shelter, transpotation among many other services.

My name is Marian M. Betances founder and director of the Gathering Place Ministries. I was born and raised in New York City to a Christian mother, who instructed me in the ways of the Lord. As many young people do, I left The Lord at the tender age of 14 years old. I went around in circles in my  desert getting involved into a world of darkness where God rescued me after 25 five years. Today, I serve as a pastor to those in transition where through Bible studies, encouragement and counseling, myself and a team help to thrust each individual into Gods purpose for their lives. I am also very involved in the work outside the church walls such as local and abroad missions. God has blessed me to work in the prisons, inside and outside this country. In 2007, I was able to serve in a board which opened Nehemiah Wall, which today serves as a transitional home for women coming out of prison. I have also gone to Cuba, Mexico and Haiti where we have been working with different orphanages already. We have also opened a lunch room in Haiti and Cuba  where the elderly come daily  and get a meal as they fellowship. Outside of the ministry God has blessed me to be an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. All of this that I am accomplishing is a living testimony for the glory of God. He is the restorer of the broken  walls in our lives, and to him be the glory and honor. 
Today I invite you to partner with this ministry first in prayer and then if God touches your heart to become a partner. Your support in prayer and donations can change the lives of those less fortunate.
We are a group of individuals with a passion for God going where the need warrants. Our group does missions abroad as well as local missions. We love to partner with other groups and ministriies as his body to get the jo​b done. In one mission we can be the head,​ while in another we serve as a hand, we do it all to love on people and for His glory..  

The Gathering Place is an organization which helps to meet the spiritual needs of new christians as we train them and  empower them through Gods word. Futhermore, we teach them Gods great commision and encouraging them to go beyond themselves in joining us as we reach others through local and foreign missions.We are an organization that extends beyond the four church walls taking Gods word to those who are hurting, in prisons and in the need of healing. Over the years we have partnered up with several ministries to work as one body in accomplishing Gods great commision. We have done work in Mexico,Cuba, Haiti as well as locally. Please click on to our other pages for a broader  explanation and pictures of our work. 

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                       PURSUE & CONQUER
Have you desired to own your business? Has your desire been to have financial freedom? Is there an idea in your heart that has been there quiet, waiting because you just don't dare?
Well here are your answers! A small book where God teaches you how to move forward towards your dream. Pursue & Conquer encourages you to find within yourself the strentgh to not only dream but to make that dream a reality. 10 Godly principles which will take you to your deatiny!